RPSC 1st Grade Arts & Commerce Coaching in Jaipur

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RPSC 1st Grade Arts & Commerce Coaching in Jaipur

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RPSC 1st Grade Arts consists of economics subject. All aspirants who are here for RPSC 1st Grade Arts and Commerce Coaching in Jaipur must know the syllabus of economics. Let’s have a look at RPSC 1st Grade Economics syllabus.

Arts syllabus

Basically, the economics `syllabus is divided into 3 parts. Dear all aspirants, you have to get prepare for the following topics to get good marks in RPSC 1st Grade Arts & Commerce examinations.

Senior Secondary Level:

  • Meaning and definition of Economics.
  • Central problems of economy and problems of choice.
  • Economic system – Characteristics and functions.
  • Consumer equilibrium – Cardinal and ordinal approach.
  • Demand – Determinants, concept of elasticity of demand.
  • Production function – Law of variable proportions and returns to scale, concepts of costs and revenue and their relationships.
  • Forms of market – Features and determination of price and output under perfect competition and monopoly.
  • National income – Concepts and their interrelationships, circular flow of national income, GNP and welfare.
  • Money – Meaning and functions, supply of money, functions of commercial banks and central bank.
  • Government budget – Meaning, objectives, budget deficit.
  • Meaning and determinants of economic development, characteristics of under developed countries.
  • Balance of payments – Meaning and components.
  • Problems of Indian economy – Poverty, unemployment and inequality.
  • Economic planning in India – Objectives, achievements and shortcomings.
  • 12th five year plan in India.
  • Measures of central tendency – Arithmetic mean, median and mode.

Graduation Level:

  • Theory of consumer behavior under risk and uncertainty, Slutskty’s theorem, ordinary and compensated demand curve.
  • Consumer and producer’s surplus.
  • Price and output determination in imperfect competition.
  • Macroeconomic variables.
  • Consumption hypothesis.
  • Multiplier and accelerator.
  • Theories of demand for money.
  • Quantity theory of money.
  • Inflation, Phillip curve.
  • Objectives and tools of monetary and fiscal policies.
  • Terms of trade, free trade and protection.
  • Theories of trade – Comparative cost and opportunity cost.
  • Foreign Direct Investment, WTO, World Bank and IMF.
  • Demographic Dividend in India.
  • Measurement of development, HDI, PQLI.
  • Concepts and measurement of poverty and inequality.
  • Functional relationship in Economics and use of graphs, measures of dispersion, correlation and Index Number.
  • Current Industrial Policy and agricultural policy, green revolution and food security.
  • Main features of economy of Rajasthan – Natural, mineral and Livestock resources, Drought and Famine, Tourism development.
  • Main features of agricultural and industrial development of Rajasthan.
  • Flagship Programs of Government of Rajasthan.

Post Graduate Level:

  • Welfare economics – Pareto optimality and new welfare economics.
  • Concept of Green Accounting.
  • IS-LM Model – Relative effectiveness of Monetary and Fiscal Policy.
  • Post Keynesian theories of determination of income and output.
  • Mundell – Fleming Model.
  • Theories of trade cycle – Counter Cyclical Policies.
  • Growth Models – Lewis model, Harrod-Domar, Kaldor, Solow.
  • Regression analysis, Concept of growth rate, methods of data collection, probability.
  • Economic reforms – Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization, External and Financial Sector Reforms.
  • Theories of International Trade – Heckscher-Ohlin Theorem.
  • Current foreign trade policy (2009-14).
  • Environment and development trade-off and concept of sustainable development.

RPSC 1st Grade Arts & Commerce Coaching in Jaipur

Commerce syllabus

RPSC 1st Grade Arts & Commerce Coaching consists of Statistics subject in exam. So, dear all aspirants, you must have knowledge about statistics syllabus.

Senior Secondary Level:

  • Principle of book-keeping, Double Entry System.
  • Subsidiary books, Final Accounts, Adjustment Entries, Opening & Closing Entries.
  • Trial balance and rectification of errors.
  • Depreciations, provisions and reserves.
  • Accounting for bills of exchange transactions.
  • Partnership accounts.
  • Company accounts – Issue of shares, forfeiture and re-issue of shares, redemptions of shares and debentures.
  • Computers in Accounting.
  • Business organization-soul – partnership, joint stock company.
  • Principles of management – concept, nature and significance.
  • Capital markets and types – Primary and secondary market.
  • Marketing – Meaning, functions and role.
  • Statistics for economics – Measures of Central Tendency, Measures of dispersion and introduction to Index Numbers.
  • Poverty – Absolute and relative, main programs for poverty alleviation : A critical assessment.
  • Rural development – Key issue, credit and marketing.
  • Role of co-operatives – Agricultural diversification, alternative farming, organic farming.
  • Employment – Formal and informal, growth and other issues, problems and policies.
  • Economic reform since 1991 – Need and main features – Liberalization, globalization and privatization.

Graduation Level:

  • Financial Statements – Meaning and Analysis.
  • Tools for financial statement analysis.
  • Cash flow statement.
  • Cost Accounting – Meaning and definitions.
  • Element of cost – Material, labour and overhead.
  • Auditing – Meaning and objectives.
  • Audit of companies – Appointment, rights, duties and liabilities of auditor.
  • The Indian contract Act 1872 (Section 1 to 75)
  • Consumer protection Act 1986
  • Functions of management – Planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling.
  • Company secretary – Position, Duties and Qualification.
  • Human Resource – Meaning, scope, role and functions.
  • Meaning and nature of Entrepreneurship – Entrepreneurship in Rajasthan .
  • Economic Environment – Meaning, factors affecting Economic Environment, Indian Economic Environment and basic feature of Indian Economy.
  • New economic policies and its effect.
  • Foreign trade of India – Volume, composition and Direction.
  • Export promotion – various measures.
  • New Export Import policies of Govt. of India.
  • Economic models – Meaning, purpose and types.
  • National Income – Definition, Measurement, Distribution and Economic Welfare.

Post-Graduation syllabus:

  • Financial Management – Working capital management, capital budgeting.
  • Business Statistics – Statistics.
  • Consumer behavior and buying motives.
  • Marketing Analysis and Research.
  • Role of Advertising in marketing and advertise in strategies.
  • Media management.
  • Public Finance – Central budget, Deficit, Fiscal management.
  • Problems of Indian banking – central and commercial banking, banking sector reforms.
  • Monetary and Fiscal policies.
  • Finance commission.

RPSC 1st Grade Arts & Commerce Coaching in Jaipur

So, we have that you have got full informations about RPSC 1st Grade Arts & Commerce Coaching in Jaipur. We provided you full syllabus of RPSC 1st Grade Economics and Statistics subjects.

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