Career Option After B.COM

Career Option After B.COM-Explore The Suitable One For You

Career Option After B.COM. In this competitive era, many students get confused that after completing what should they do or which field they acquire as a Career Option After B.COM. Sometimes they pass their time to think over it because of a lack of knowledge. Most of the students think that they have chosen the wrong subject and they do not get satisfied. Generally, they seek what is the Career Option After B.COM.  But beyond this, there is nothing better than this stream because in this stream you have a very wide scope to elaborate yourself in different types of fields.

After Graduation students have several exciting and rewarding Career Option After B.COM to enhance him/her self. But the student must understand that by selecting a career option is the major decision of their life, therefore, they must take decision wisely by the proper understanding of the field.

Here we are giving vast information from many fields that you can pursue in opting as building up your career. We have divided fields into two parts like a professional and another sector.

A. Professionals:


  • Chartered Accountant (CA):-

Career Option After B.COMMost of the students who pursue commerce have the desire to become a Chartered Accountant.  This course is defined as the Best Career Option After B.COM.This course conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). It has three rounds like CPT (Entrance), IPCC and CA Final which you have to clear to become a CA. This is the best profession for students who acquire commerce. Every kind of business needs to set its financial position hence they require a CA to maintain their books. Chartered Accountant has opportunities to make their career in many sectors such as Banking (Privet and Government), Public Limited Companies, Audit Firms, Finance Companies, Investment House, Corporate and many more.

  • Association of Chartered Accountants (ACCA):-

    ACCA is certified by the Association of Chartered Accountants and it is similar to CA. Additional Programs provide you knowledge about UK GAAP, IFRS, and Laws which makes ACCA advance to CA. It is the World’s fastest-growing international accountancy organization.

  • Company Secretary (CS):-

    CS is a completely different course from CA. For CS students need to clear Foundation, Executive and Final Courses. It covers the management of the company stock and investment and also work as a vital link between the company and its shareholders and to manage the formalities of the company’s stock trading. Candidates prefer a Good Career Option After B.COM to this course. 

  • Certified Management Accountant (CMA):-

    Students who wish to go overseas for working in top MNCs then CMA is the most recognized international course. This course propounds by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), USA. It has an existence in 100 over countries throughout the World. If you want to become a CMA, then you need to creak two examinations. Students determine expertise in the followings:-

  1. Decision support
  2. Professional Ethics
  3. Control
  4. Financial Planning
  5. Analysis
  • Institute of Cost and Works Accounts of India (ICWAI):-

Career Option After B.COMIt is a cost accounting course propound by the Institute of Cost and Work Accounts of India. It is a good course many students opt for this as a good career opportunity after doing ICWAI because after completing the course you can join as Finance Controller, Cost Controller, Chief Internal Auditor, Chief Accountant, or you can go for M.Phil or Ph.D.

  • Certified Public Accounting (CPA):-

    This course is considered as one of the best international course in the globe and it has the adequacy in Accountancy all over the globe and is parallel to the Indian CA qualification This course is conducted by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) which is the largest accounting body of the World. US CPA contains the knowledge of the US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS), Generally Accepted Accounting Standard (GAAS), US Federal taxation and Business laws, and it is not a part of the Indian CA qualification.

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA):-

Career Option After B.COMStudents who are ambitious and have the desire to work at an administrative level then MBA in finance is suitable for them. It is a very popular course that assures a prudent profession. A commerce graduate can also go for MBA in finance. The student’s best career of MBA mainly depends on the credibility of the institute it is pursued at. The very first step for MBA is the CAT (Common Admission Test) and its score determines your eligibility in almost all the top MBA institute. Once you entered, students can choose their specialization in the following sector:-

  1. Financial Management
  2. Banking and Insurance Management
  3. Systems Management
  4. Marketing Management
  5. Human Resource Management
  • Master of Commerce (M.COM):-

    M.Com is a very common and general course after And after completing student acquire master degree by doing M.Com. This is a 2-year course and students acquire it for specialization in subjects like Marketing, Management, Economics, Statistics, Accounting, Finance, Business Studies, etc.

    B. Other Professions

  • Accounting and Auditing:-

Career Option After B.COM

This is the most comfortable and suitable job for B.Com Graduate fresher. Students acquire it as the Best Career Option After B.COM An accountant is required in every type of company and organization so that they can run their business and to keep track of profit and loss and maintain their inventory and books. The account manager also needs to analyze the internal accounting policy and internal control process of the company and has to do some routine auditing in the organization which assists the Statutory Auditors to complete their statutory audit, tax audit, cost audit and so on. An Accountant’s liability is to maintain the accounting and other records of an organization.

An Auditor is higher than an accountant and its some major responsibilities are like planning financial audits, verifying assets and liabilities assess compliance with financial regulation and controls, assess risk and internal control. Candidate has options to work on different designations such as junior accountant, senior accountant, account executive, and account manager.

  • Tax Advisory or Consultant:-

    After graduation candidate can work as a Tax Advisory or tax Consultant acquiring advanced knowledge in direct and indirect taxes with any firm and can get some good experience. Tax Adviser is an expert in tax law and compliance and offers its services to businesses and individuals similar short term and long term tax optimization. A tax consultant guides to their clients to reduce their tax liability by arranging their tax return and explaining tax issues to them. A tax adviser has a wide scope in their field because they are always in demand by companies, firms, and organizations for tax consultants. Having more experience in taxation you can work independently as a tax consultant.

  • Financial Services:-

    Finance is the main body of commerce background. A Financial Adviser’s liability is to consolidate and analyze data and provide exact information on a company’s profitability, stability, and solvency. A financial advisor helps the organization to make a well-informed decision and do research from time to time. A financial advisor provides its services to firms, companies, organizations, and individuals.

    They can advise clients on savings, financial planning, personalized financial advice, investment decision, insurance decision, tax issues, retirement planning, etc. Candidates can be appointed as Finance executive, Finance manager, Sell Officer, Custom Support and many more.

  • National and International Banking:-

Career Option After B.COM

As we are stepping ahead toward the Digital India platform, the requirement of adequate banking is rising in the country day by day. Thus the demand for graduates in the banking sector is also increasing consistently. This sector has a great Career Option After B.COM. National and International have myriads of banking jobs. A candidate who wants to become a banker has to complete an internship and investment banking program to get a license. Banks are always in demand for graduates to improve their service areas all over their branches located in different cities.

A Graduate candidate can be appointed on the post like cashier, probationary officer, clerk, relationship manager, customer support and many more. Demand in banking industries is very high in leading banks like HDFC, SBI, AXIS BANK, ICICI BANK, IDBI, PNB, BOB and some of in top Investment banks J. P Morgan & Co, Bank of New York & Mello.

  • Insurance Sector:-

    The insurance field is the traditional financial sector and candidates join in a position like Insurance Agent, Relationship Manager and so on. You can work as an Insurance Advisor or con LIC is one of the biggest insurance companies which are operated by the Government.

  • Telecommunication and BPO’s Services:-

Career Option After B.COMTo serve best customer support to the public in the country a giant support team is required to built by companies and which is kept growing on. As we know that communication is the need for the generation and competition among telecom companies is very high and they focus on serving more customized and cost-effective service to their customers. B.Com Graduate candidates have great career opportunities in such companies as Team Leaders, Area Manager, Customer Support Officer, Development Manager, Clint Service Executive and many more.

  • Government Services:-

    Apart from private jobs candidates have an option to begin their career in the Government sector. Central and State governments have countless jobs for B.Com Graduates. Government jobs considered as a most secured job. Mostly these types of jobs have a Good pay scale, fixed working hours and less work stress. After Graduation, candidates can apply as most of the competitive government job exams because the minimum eligibility criteria are graduation. Candidate can apply in the different department like Revenue, Railway, Defense, PWD, Research, Healthcare, Forest and many more.

  • Digital Marketing:-

As time changes every student thinks to build their career in a stable trendy growth field. Students have the finest Career Option After B.COM to build their career in this field because it has wider growth opportunities. Digital Marketing has impacted all over the companies and sector in their growth. This is one of the lucrative fields which are rapidly zooming in every industry. Every industry wants to expand its productivity and brand digitally. Digital marketing help in their requirements and needs to lifting and boosting their brand. Students can be easily a Digital Marketer by learning the course that includes SEO, SMO, SEM, PPC, Social Media, Blogging, Google Ad word and some more.

  • Other Sectors:-

    Candidates have various types of career options after B.Com to build their career in different types of fields. Joining other field students don’t have to study further about those sectors. They can easily create their career simply by joining the company and industry. They have an option to join the field such as Information and Technology Services, Hospitality, Media, Human Resource Development Management, Automobile, Manufacturing services, Export and Import Manager, Event Manager, Travel Agent, Economist, Market Researcher, Office Administrative and many more sectors where you can appoint easily and can work happily.